Why Choose a GAP Insurance Policy

GAP Insurance prevents you from being stuck making payments on a car loan in the event your car is totaled. GAP Insurance is perhaps one of the best insurance policies to purchase because it pays you the difference between the value of the car when it is lost (the money you get from the car’s insurance provider) and the actual value of the car when you purchased it. Therefore, it is worth purchasing GAP Insurance.

Insurance policies are your ace when you are…
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Schedule a routine oil change today

Most people believe car care to be an extremely tough concept to grasp. However, it is not as hard as most people think. The simplest tasks can make or break the life o960 × 640

The experts here at Timber Ford of Hayward are always on hand to cater to all your vehicle's needs, so bring your vehicle into our dealership and let one of our trusted technicians change your oil today.

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Navigate life more easily with the Ford Escape

Here at Timber Ford of Hayward, we're willing to bet that your days are chocked full of errands, responsibilities and obligations. Sometimes we wish we had an extra set of hands. However, investing in a vehicle that is stacked with helpful features like the 2017 Ford Escape can relieve you of some stress.


You have a lot on your hands. We have just the trick to make you feel unstoppable. #FordEscape

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The Ford Escape features a smooth ride with all the power you…

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The 2017 Ford F-150 Raptor Would Have Crushed a T-Rex in Off-Road Performance

Did you know that with a 0-to-60 time of 4.2 seconds, 450 horsepower, 510 pound-feet of torque, and FOX Racing Shox, the Ford F-150 Raptor could have demolished a Tyrannosaurus rex if the truck and dinosaur were to somehow meet?

In fact, the T. rex would have lost so badly, it's not even a fair comparison.

Off-roading enthusiasts in Hayward are probably familiar with the F-150 Raptor's capability, but you may not have a good…

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Here's Why Correct Tire Pressure Is Important

If you can pardon the pun, tires are where the rubber meets the road for your vehicle. All the systems that make your car, truck, or SUV go work toward the tires. If you don't treat them correctly, your car won't work at its best.

One of the easiest ways to get the most out of your tires is to make sure they're filled to the correct pressure. You should check tire pressure regularly, as tires can lose pressure over time. Keeping tires filled appropriately can have benefits for both car and driver.



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